Lesbian Power Authority Radio Archives

The Lesbian Power Authority (LPA), hosted by Mev Miller, aired on KFAI radio in the Twin Cities of MN from January 1994 – through July 2002.

Every Sunday evening, listeners could hear 60 – 90 minutes of lesbian words, music, and culture. The show featured music by lesbian performers, announcements about lesbian activities and events, interviews with lesbian writers, activists, musicians, artists, and many others impacting lesbian culture and lives.  LPA provided nourishment for lesbian hearts, provocation and challenge for lesbian minds, and courage, renewal, and strength for lesbian spirits. Centered on weekly themes, the program included viewpoints across race, class, and ethnicity. Lesbian Power Authority created connections to local-national-international communities through radio airwaves.

Matthea & Mev (1)

Matthea & Mev – Together again at KFAI studios in 2004.

In about 1998 (we can’t remember!), Mev was joined by a co-host, Matthea Little Smith, who would often substitute in for Mev on alternate weeks. Matthea kept LPA going for a couple of years after Mev moved from the Twin Cities.

The name of the show was borrowed from a song by Alix Dobkin – The Lesbian Power Authority – from her album Living with Lesbians.  Each week, the show would open with a theme song. Often it was the full original version of the Lesbian Power Authority.  More often than not, though, the show opened with a song by Alison Farrell called “I Like Being a Dyke” from her album Tomboy.

During the nearly 10 years it was on the air, Mev would tape many of the shows, usually the ones with special themes or interviews. Now, 20 years later, these tapes are being transferred from cassette tapes to MP3 and provided here as archival podcasts. New show recordings will be added as time allows.

Enjoy this nostalgic walk down memory lane!

1993 – We Want You to Know (precursor to LPA)










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