Writing & Media

These are some of my favorite magazines and news media and other interesting tidbits.


Lesbian Poetry Archive – Curated by Julie Enszer

Magazines / Journals

Rain & Thunder – A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism: Rain and Thunder is a grassroots publication created and distributed by a collective of radical feminist women. Published three times a year, Rain and Thunder brings you the very best in radical feminist news, analysis, theory, community building, and activism.

Sinister WisdomSinister Wisdom is a multicultural lesbian literary & art journal that publishes four issues each year. Publishing since 1976, Sinister Wisdom works to create a multicultural, multi-class lesbian space. Sinister Wisdom seeks to open, consider and advance the exploration of lesbian community issues. Sinister Wisdom recognizes the power of language to reflect our diverse experiences and to enhance our ability to develop critical judgment as lesbians evaluating our community and our world.

Trivia: Voices of Feminism – The new TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism was founded as a public online forum for creative and critical thinking of diverse women who insist on our primacy, and who in league with and in the name of all the other endangered species on this planet, refuse to accept the life-destroying status quo. May we find the forms we need to meet the urgencies of this time. And may we encourage each other.


Girlgriot – Thoughtful words from a wonderful friend.

See Saw – A blog by Liza Cowan

Women Writers

She Writes: She Writes is a essential, trusted resource and community for women who write.  Powered by the collaborative efforts of our 25,000+ active members from across the U.S. and more than 30 countries, along with our talented team of editors and advisors, She Writes is the top destination for published and aspiring writers from all walks of life to grow, learn, educate, inspire, and encourage success.

News & Media Activism

Women eNews: Women’s eNews reports the stories of women and girls to create a more equitable world.

Women’s Media Center: The Women’s Media Center makes women visible and powerful in the media. The WMC works with the media to ensure that women’s stories are told and women’s voices are heard.

WINGS – Women’s International News Gathering Service: WINGS is an award-winning weekly half-hour radio program by and about women around the world. It’s really diverse, well produced, widely carried. www.wings.org

WAM! Women Action and Media: WAM! connects, supports and organizes media makers, activists, academics and funders working to advance women’s media participation, ownership and representation. Our work is part of an advocacy movement for gender justice in media.

Women Make Movies: Established in 1972 to address the under representation and misrepresentation of women in the media industry, Women Make Movies is a multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women.

About-Face: About-Face means a reversal of direction, attitude, or point of view. We equip women & girls with tools to understand & resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem & body image.