LPA – An Interview with Nancy Manahan – November 23, 1997

Lesbian Power Authority

KFAI – 90.3 / 106.7 FM Twin Cities
Host: Mev Miller

Show broadcast date: November 23, 1997

on my honorThis show includes an interview with Nancy Manahan, author of On My Honor: Lesbians Reflect on Their Scouting Experiences. In this conversation, we discuss the ways in which lesbians were informed and guided by their participation with Girl Scouts and the influences of their camp counselors.



Playlist includes:

Part 1 – 45:34


  • Judy Fjell, Teenage Lesbian
  • Ann Reed, The Dark
  • Therese Edell, Gather In
  • Cathy Winter, Short Moments


Part 2 – 43.02


  • CommonBond, Heaven
  • Toshi Reagon, Darlin’
  • Kim Hall, Out in the Country
  • Lordes Perez, Companeras
  • Theresa Chandler, What Are Friends For


Lesbian ButtonSash
Mev made this button sash in the mid-1990s to organize her collection of lesbian and other movement buttons! It is referred to in this discussion.



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