A Labor of Love: Radio Documentary

A Labor of Love: The History of Feminist and Lesbian Bookstores and Publishing

Written, Produced, and Narrated by Mev Miller, 1995

This radio documentary pays tribute to the work of women’s/feminist and lesbian bookstores and publishers.  It was produced in 1995 to celebrate the 25 year anniversaries of:

  • Publisher – The Feminist Press at CUNY in New York, NY
  • Periodical – Off Our Backs: A Women’s Newsjournal in Washington, DC
  • Bookstore – Amazon Bookstore in Minneapolis, MN



The show was produced at the studios of KFAI, a community radio station in Minneapolis, MN. Technical assistance and engineering provided by Michelle Johnson with support of Mike Wassenaar.

Interviews (in order of appearance) include:

Musical Interludes (in order of appearance) include:

  • Margie Adams – Waves
  • Meg Christian – Moving Right Along
  • Nona Hendryx – Can Anybody Hear Me
  • Alison Farrell – I Like Being a Dyke
  • Phyllis Goldin –
  • One Spirit – Dance of Strength
  • Anne Seale – Your Women’s Bookstore
  • Libby Roderick – Inspire Me
  • Margie Adams – Waves

Part 1 (27:28)

Part 2 (29:49)

Amazon 1997

Amazon Bookstore Cooperative Owners 1999: Jo DenBoer, Barb Weiser, Kath Sharp, Mev Miller

For a recent and comprehensive history of feminist bookstores, see:
The Feminist Bookstore Movement: Lesbian Antiracism and Feminist Accountability, by Kristen Hogan, Duke University Press, 2016

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