This is a portfolio of my Professional Writing/Editing/Media Experiences and Publications. Download Complete List – Updated February 2020.

Professional Activities

Founder & Director
logoWE LEARN—Women Expanding Literacy Education Action Resource Network. (2002-2016) WE LEARN promotes women’s literacy as a tool for personal growth and social change through networking, education, action, and resource development.

Women’s Perspectives. (2006 – 2014) This is an annual collection of writings by students in adult literacy/basic education on themes related to women and literacy. WE LEARN publishes it annually.

Sharing Our Thoughts. (2002 – 2007) This was an annual journal of writings by students in adult basic education for the System for Adult Basic Education Support (SABES) Southeast Massachusetts region.

Feminist Academic Press Column. (2000 – 2004) Internet website providing reviews of university press and academic titles of interest to feminist booksellers and women’s studies academics.

Co-founder and Facilitator
wltr1inWomen Leading Through Reading. (1995 – 2001) Organized books discussion groups for adult women literacy learners basic education students throughout the Twin Cities, MN area.

Project Coordinator
Women’s Presses Library Project. (1994 – 2000) St. Paul, MN

Feminist Bookstore News. University Press Column       (1994 – 2000)

Editorial Board
Counterpoise Journal for social responsibilities, liberty and dissent. (1996 – 1997)

Cooperative Owner & Book Buyer
Amazon Feminist Bookstore Cooperative. (1993 – 2002) Minneapolis, MN

Programmer & Host
KFAI Community Radio. Volunteer programmer “Lesbian Power Authority” (weekly) and International Women’s Day (annually), 1993 – 2002

Independent Marketing & Publicity Consultant:
Mev Miller. Small & Independent Press Promotions, (1993 – 1998) St. Paul, MN

Marketing Manager
Spinsters Ink. (1993) Minneapolis, MN

Sales Manager
Inland Book Company. (1985 – 1992) East Haven, CT

Publications — Books & Articles



(2016). Book Review of Feminism in community: Adult education for transformation. Adult Education Quarterly, 66:2 (189-190)

(2015). Career Readiness and Life Skills Text, Workbook, and Instructors Manual. Community Kitchen Culinary Jobs Training Program, Rhode Island Community Food Bank, Providence, RI

(2013). Creating a Community of Women Educated in Literacy. In Decentering the Ivory Tower of Academia, New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education (139). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (77-88).

(2012). Field Guide to ABE Educational Research, Revised 3rd edition. System for Adult Basic Education Support (SABES).

(2011) Providence Green Pathways Curriculum Framework for Planning Instruction and Assessment. Providence, RI for Providence Housing Authority and Providence Green Pathways.

With Kathleen P. King, co-editors (2011). Our Stories, Ourselves: The EmBODYment of Women’s Learning in Literacy. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

(2009). Lessons on Learning from a Literacy Activist Community! WE LEARN. Perspectives: A New York Journal of Adult Learning, 8(1). pp. 50-55.

With Kathleen P. King, co-editors (2009). Empowering Women Through Literacy: Views from Experience. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

(2009). Teaching & Learning with Women’s Perspectives: A Resource Kit. Cranston, RI: WE LEARN.

(2007). Women Leading Through Reading Discussion Circles: Community Organizing Action Guide. Cranston, RI: WE LEARN.

(2006). Field Guide to ABE Educational Research, Revised 2nd edition. System for Adult Basic Education Support (SABES).

With Mina Reddy. (2006, June). Effective Professional Development for Adult Basic/Literacy Education Practitioners: A Summary Based on Current Research. System for Adult Basic Education Support (SABES). Internal document.

(2006). Educating with Mind, Heart and Spirit. Field Notes Vol. 15 No. 3, pp. 6-7. Also on line:

(2005). Disclosures of Invisible Differences as Change Agency. Colloquia: Conversations on Teaching and Learning Volume III: Challenging Assumptions / Changing Perspectives. Fall River, MA: Bristol Community College.

(2004). Field Guide to Educational Research. System for Adult Basic Education Support (SABES).

with C. Peters. (2004). Guest Editor. Women & Literacy. Special Issue of The Change Agent: Adult Education for Social Justice: News, Issues, and Ideas. Issue 19. (For this publication, I also wrote the following articles: Women in history—A Timeline; Women reading together: Women’s literacies, women’s power; WE LEARN: A resource for women’s literacy.)

with I. Alexander. (2004). Guest Editor. Editorial in Women and Literacy: Moving from Power to Participation. Special Issue of Women’s Studies Quarterly. Vol. 32 1&2. New York, NY: Feminist Press at CUNY.

(Nov./Dec., 2003). Women’s literacy: Not a given, Off Our Backs, Vol. 33, pp. 44-47.

(Winter/Spring 2003). On the margins of the margins: Breaking silence and coming out. Outside In…TESOL LGBTF Caucus, pp.13-15, 20-21.

(2002). Women’s literacy power: Collaborative approaches to   developing and distributing women’s literacy resources (Doctoral Dissertation, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, MN. 2002). Dissertation Abstracts International, 63, 09A, 3085.

(September, 2002). 365/24/7 – Moms on duty! A radio program for International Women’s Day. The Change Agent, Issue 15: Creativity and Change, p. 15.

(2000). Feminist resources and curriculum for women achieving literacy Minneapolis, MN: Univ. of St. Thomas. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 445 250)

(2000, May). Feminist resources and curriculum for women achieving literacy. Final Report from a Graduate Student Research Award 1999-2000 awarded by The LuAnn Dummer Center for Women, Univ. of St. Thomas. St. Paul, MN: Unpublished Report.

(1999). Feminism and literacy for women: Politics and resources. Feminist Collections, 21, (1), 17-20. (Also listed on ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 471 602)

with J. Thalhuber. (1998). Women leading through reading books groups: Making a difference. A Best Practices Manual, First edition. Produced with a with a grant from Women in Literacy/USA, Laubach Literacy Action and distributed to literacy centers throughout Minnesota.

(1996). Amazon bookstore: Literacy skills for women. Feminist Bookstore News, 19 (1), 21-23.

(1996). Fat politics: The bottom line is women’s power. Melpomene: A Journal for Women’s Health Research, 15, (3), 15-19.

(1995). Independent women’s bookstores. In L. Witt, S. Thomas & E. Marcus (Eds.), Out in all directions: The almanac of gay and lesbian America (pp.598-599). New York: Warner Books.

(1992). The size of the bed…matters—(narrative story). Sinister Wisdom, 46, 98-102.

(1986). She’s a witch…burn her—(essay). In B. Zanotti, A faith of one’s own: Explorations by Catholic lesbians (pp. 100-107). Trumansburg, NY: The Crossing Press.

(1985). An open letter to an abusive therapist. Lesbian Ethics, 1 (3), 16-20.

(1981). Women and the Church: Time for a change? TODAY: College of Notre Dame of Maryland 8, (2) 6-7.

(1976). Reflection Through Song: The Spirit of ‘76— essay. Damozel, 46, 23-31.

(1975). Michael — a poem, 1975. This poem won an honorable mention in the Atlantic Monthly writing contest, Poetry Division, 1975.

Publications — Book Reviews

(2006, Summer). Book Review. Green, A. Ready for Work! An Employment Curriculum for Women In Adult Basic Education, 16 (2).

(2001, Fall). Book Review. Campbell & Burnaby, Participatory Practices in Adult Education. In Adult Basic Education, 11 (3) pp. 184-186.

(1998). Women’s magazines and journals for all audiences. Counterpoise, 2 (1), 19-20.

Small Press: The Magazine of Independent Publishing


  • (1996). Fortress in a changing landscape. 14 (1), 18-19.
  • (1995). A decade of evolution at Evergreen. 13 (2), 36-37.

Book Reviews

  • (1996). Feminist foremothers in women’s studies, psychology, and mental health. 14 (3), 70-71.
  • (1995). A small sacrifice: A Jane Lawless mystery. 13 (3), 68.
  • (1995). Skin: Talking about sex, class & literature. 13 (1), 50.
  • (1994). Michaela and Keeping secrets: A Gianna Maglione mystery. 12 (4), 65.
  • (1994). Get smart! and You don’t have to take it! A woman’s guide to confronting emotional abuse at work. 12 (1), 70.
  • (1996). Review of the book And say hi to Joyce: America’s first gay column comes out. Lesbian Review of Books, 2 (4), 28.

Publications — Non-Book Media

(2004, September). Editor. Supplement Issue – The Change Agent: Adult Education for Social Justice: News, Issues, and Ideas. Issue 19. This “overflow” issue contains articles that did not fit in the print version. Articles I wrote for the supplement include: Who says we need women’s literacy; To my own self be true?

(2004, September). Women in history: Activism and education – Timeline. The Change Agent: Adult Education for Social Justice: News, Issues, and Ideas. Issue 19. This interactive timeline is the Internet version of the article included in the print issue.

(2002, Spring). Edited with Students in the Family Learning Program, South St. Paul, MN, 365/24/7 — Moms on Duty with NO Pay: A Radio Program for International Women’s Day, March 8, 2002.

(2000, October). Women Leading Through Reading book discussion groups: Updated edition. Internet version only.

(1997). Women Leading Through Reading—a half hour radio documentary about the joint effort of Amazon Bookstore and the Minnesota Literacy Council to facilitate book discussion groups for women who are new readers. Aired International Women’s Day, March 8, Minneapolis, MN: KFAI.

(1995). A labor of love: A 25 year history of feminist and lesbian bookstores and publishing—a one-hour documentary available on cassette tape. Produced for radio in 1995.