“Meaningful communication is the meeting of two vessels, equally vulnerable, equally receptive, and equally desirous of learning. In the listening is all the real speaking.” – The Wanderground, Sally Miller Gearhart, p. 115

A Transformative Space for Lesbians/Women – Project in Formation

Wanderground provides community gathering space(s) for creating, sharing, enjoying, discussing, and appreciating Lesbian’s/women’s artistic and life-affirming cultural expressions. Wanderground provides spaces for Lesbians/women to hear their own voices and discover their own transformative powers.

Currently, we focus primarily on archiving and sharing preservation of books, journals, and other materials from Lesbian and feminist independent presses, especially those from the early Women in Print movement (1965-2000). Wanderground allows for the personal to be political and for art to manifest insight into transformative power. Wanderground claims and insists that Lesbians/women will continue to envision and create life-affirming and equitable communities. 

Watch for more to come.

Current Projects

In Celebration

National Coming Out Day – October 11, 2020

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During the time of COVID, with many Old Lesbians experiencing an extra layer of isolation, I began to think about how to use my camera to make visible the many Old Lesbians in Rhode Island who, even in the best of times, can be ignored or remain non-visible. Wearing my mask and using my long-range camera, I was able to take these photographs of Old Lesbians – willing to be out and share their lives – while maintaining proper social distancing.

This first edition of At Home with Old Lesbians in Rhode Island is being made available to correspond with National Coming Out Day – October 11, 2020. I’d love to add to the album – and hope that other Old Lesbians in Rhode Island will contact me to participate.


A Labor of Love: The History of Feminist and Lesbian Bookstores and Publishing

Written, Produced, and Narrated by Mev Miller, International Women’s Day, 1995