LPA – Cultural Appropriation – An Interview with Joanna Kadi – January 7, 1996

Lesbian Power Authority

KFAI – 90.3 / 106.7 FM Twin Cities
Host: Mev Miller

Show broadcast date: January 7, 1996

At the beginning of this show, Mev has a conversation with Joanna Kadi about Cultural Appropriation and workshops she was offering. Joanna is the  author of Food For Our Grandmothers: Writings by Arab American and Arab Canadian Feminists (1994, South End Press) and forthcoming Thinking Class: Sketches from a Cultural Worker (1996, South End Press)

Playlist includes:

Part 1 – 46:29


  • Jamie Anderson – When They Know Who We Are
  • Interview with Joanna
  • Tracy Chapman – Tell It Like It Is
  • Interview with Joanna
  • Faith Nolan – I Black Woman
  • Jagademba – Respect
  • Tiddas – Inanay
  • Jana Runnalls and Bron Bradshaw – Spirit of the Forest
  • Irene Ferrara – Pobre Voz


Part 2 – 38:27


  • Susan Herrick – Truth and the Lie
  • Ferron – Higher Wisdom
  • Rashida – Answer the Call
  • Melissa Etheridge – 2001
  • Isis – Belly Pain
  • Pele Juju – Trust Yourself
  • Toshi Reagon – The Other Side
  • Barb Barton – What Happened to Womon












One thought on “LPA – Cultural Appropriation – An Interview with Joanna Kadi – January 7, 1996

  1. I enjoyed this interview so much! Moreover, I agree with the reasoning that depending on our social, political, and economic background, women are self aware of their potential in different scenarios and places. Loved the playlist!

    Liked by 1 person

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