LPA – International Women’s Day Special – March 8, 1994

Lesbian Power Authority

KFAI – 90.3 / 106.7 FM Twin Cities
Host: Mev Miller

Show broadcast date: March 8, 1994

KFAI celebrates International Women’s Day (March 8) each year with 24-hour programming by, for, and about women. This show was a special broadcast of Lesbian Power Authority featuring music and poetry from lesbians around the world. 

Playlist includes:

Part 1 – 46:16

  • Alix Dobkin, Lesbian Power Authority
  • Reading, Judy Grahn, The History of Lesbianism (Read by Judy Grahn)
  • Meg Christian, Leaping Lesbians
  • Reading from Sisterhood Is Powerful, pp. 13-14
  • Phranc, Tipton
  • Alix Dobkin,Jovanno (Eastern Europe)
  • Laura Wetzler, Genzelle (Jewish, in Yiddish)
  • Angelique Ionatos and Nena Venetsano, Singing a Poem of Sappho de Mytilene, “To Milo” (Greece)
  • Reading of article from Off Our Backs (March 1994), “Indian Lesbianism Flowers” about a group called Saki
  • Kay Gardner, The Greenwood – Lesbian Mode in F#
  • [Women’s News Broadcast] – briefly from tape
  • Flying Lesbians, Wir Sind Die Homosexuellen Frauen (Germany)
  • Ova, Political Beings (England)
  • Pollyanna Frank, Dykes and the Holy War (Israel)
  • Reading from Anne Waters, “Journey of the Mind” (Native American)
  • Mahina, Young Maori Woman (Maori Aotearoa aka New Zealand)


Part 2 – 47:04

  • Casselbury & Dupree, War (@ South Africa)
  • One Spirit (Kay Gardner & Nurudafina Pili Abena), Dance of Strength (Inspired by West Africa)
  • Reading from Lotus of Another Color, “Toward a Global Network of Asian Lesbians
  • June and Jean Millington – Family, World of Love (Heritage – Philippines)
  • Reading from Off Our Backs (March 1994) – “Latin America and Caribbean Encuentro Survives Lesbian Baiting”
  • Irene Farrera, El Mismo Mar (Venezuela)
  • [Women’s News Broadcast] – Briefly on Tape
  • Sirani Avedis, Rainbow Woman (Armenian-American)
  • Jamie Anderson, Sweet Maiden
  • Destiny, Lesbian Lover
  • Pam Hall, Honey on My Lips




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