LPA – Samhain – October 29, 1995

Lesbian Power Authority

KFAI – 90.3 / 106.7 FM Twin Cities
Host: Mev Miller

Show broadcast date: October 29, 1995

This show celebrates Samhain (Halloween). It features thematic music, poetry, and other readings celebrating magic, cauldrons, witches, crones, and the ancients.

Playlist includes:

Part 1 – 45:28


  • Reading: “A Witch Is…” – from Ripening: An Almanac of Lesbian Lore and Vision, Lee Lanning & Vernette Hart
  • Meg Christian – Leaping Lesbians
  • Reading: from We’Moon Almanac 1995
  • Kay Gardner – Death/Rebirth from Ouroborous
  • Reading: “Hallomas” – by Ila Suzanne in Awakening: An Almanac of Lesbian Lore and Vision
  • Izquierda – With Fists of Fire
  • Reading: “Hallowmas” by Starhawk from Truth or Dare
  • Willie Tyson – Witching Hour
  • Reading:House Magic” by Patricia Monaghan
  • Sirani Avedis – Witches Call
  • Nona Hendryx – Women Who Fly
  • Reading: from The Crone by Barbara Walker
  • Heather Bishop – Ancient Cry


Part 2 – 37:43


  • Melanie DeMore – I Hear the Mother Calling
  • Reading: From Between Our Legs” by Natashia Lopez in Chicana Lesbians
  • Girls in the Nose – Medusa
  • Mary Watkins – Witches Revenge
  • Reading: Selection from “A Woman Dead in Her Forties” by Adrienne Rich
  • Suede – The Ones who Aren’t Here
  • Barb Barton – Dance of the Spirit Guides
  • Reading: “Witches” from Snake Power Magazine
  • Kay Gardner – Cauldron of Cerridwyn
  • Maxine Feldman – Amazon Woman




Photo by Mev Miller, Blood Moon, 2015



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